Infection Control

Dentist in Des Plaines

Dear Patients,

Our office is now open and we are ready to help you with your dental needs. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are following all recommended standards including not only social distancing and enhanced PPE measures to protect you and our team but we also installed:

1. Eco One Electrolyzed Water System for cleaning and disinfecting. The solution produced by that system is effective on hard surfaces as well as mist in the air. To create mist we installed two Pure Enrichment humidifiers that work constantly. Active molecule HOCL is 100 times more efficient than bleach yet safe and natural. It is found in our blood as one of the most powerful biologic oxidants produced by our white blood cells. Click here for the research article.

2. HEPA medical-grade filtration system with H13 that constantly filters the air in our office and is proven to remove 99.97% of particles measuring 0.1 microns as well as dust and odors.

3. UV/ozone system to sterilize our office overnight.

We are looking forward to seeing you again! Stay safe and healthy!

Marta Milejczyk D.D.S. and Staff at Golf Glen Dentistry.